For migrants


1. We provide professional support and advice on topic of voluntary return.

IOM staff will answer any questions relating to return. Consultations are provided by telephone, e-mail, on arrival at the IOM office in Vilnius or at border crossings. If necessary, consultations are open to translators.


2. We help you with the documents, necessary for your trip.

IOM staff will help you complete all the documents required to leave the country. If necessary, communication with embassies, the IOM offices abroad, the aforementioned authorities and non-governmental organizations is established.


3. We make the route and buy tickets for trip to country of origin

IOM staff in consultation with you chooses the safest and fastest route, buy tickets, and pay for baggage.


4. We temporary accommodate and cover the minimum costs prior the departure

If needed, IOM takes care of accommodation and living expenses during the processing of the travel documents and tickets. You will be accommodated in a safe and convenient location, if necessary you will be given vouchers to buy food.


5. We provide professional medical assistance

If you have special needs due to your health condition, you will be given the necessary medical assistance before departure.


6. We organize an escort during the trip

If needed, both a medical as well as humanitarian personnel can accompany you. If you are in need of humanitarian assistance, IOM will provide an accompanying psychologist, social worker or trained IOM staff.


7. We provide one-off cash payment

Every voluntarily returning migrant receives a single cash payment before leaving for the expenditure, necessary to cover the expenses during the trip.


8. We provide the opportunity to reintegrate yourself in your country of origin (The programme will start soon)

Every voluntarily returned migrant can claim to receive support for reintegration, which is designed for income-generating activities, such as: to implement individual business idea, pay for vocational training and retraining courses, and so on.

An application form for reintegration assistance has to be filled while still being in Lithuania. Reintegration assistance can only be granted for specific and promising reintegration plans.