Why the voluntary return?

  • It is a humane opportunity to return for those, who cannot afford to do it on their own. This is particularly important for those in need of asylum, whose request for international protection has been rejected and who cannot afford to leave Lithuania independently.  It is hard to return home after a failure abroad, so the AVR makes it easier to decide on return. In order to ensure the sustainability of their return, reintegration assitance is also provided to those, who use the assistance under the  Voluntary Return Assistance Programme.

  • Ensuring the safe and dignified return. Voluntary return is organized according to individual needs, and risks that may arise during the trip are reduced with the help of the IOM offices in the countries of transit and origin.

  • Voluntary return  is cheaper for the State.
    The costs of organising voluntary return of foreign nationals are lower, and process is much faster than forced return. By providing assistance to foreigners to return voluntarily, the State promotes a humane approach to people of other nationalities, saves money, and does not burden the authorities as the return is arranged by the IOM Office staff.